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So, June is here.

And, a lot has changed in the past two-three days. I was occupied last week with a lot of work. Good news, I have finally decided who I would I want to work with for my Thesis. And, fortunately, both the Professors I wanted to work with have agreed to co-supervise my thesis.

It is a great feeling. Your relation with your supervisor defines your academic journey. I was really worried about getting stuck with someone hard, authoritative and less-informed.

Thank God, I have good people around me. I think this will go well. Though there are a lot many things that I still need to sort out, like my Topic needs a lot of contemplation and months of work but at least it is on a good start now.

One step at a time. There is a long way to go yet. Will keep sharing things on my Thesis journey.

Other than that, I have been freelancing on a project so even that takes up a lot of time. I don’t want to leave that in between as well, so for now it is getting hard to manage everything. Plus with this Lockdown, emotions are on peak all the time.

I wish I could go out once in a while with friends to just roll out all the work issues. I guess that is not going to happen soon.

Government has started easing down the lockdown but now I am all apprehensive because it is happening at a rapid pace which again puts everyone in danger.

I have my course work too, so I might have to give exams by the end of July, but I hope they do not happen. I enjoy exam pressure, however, I don’t want to give them right now. It is already too hectic.

And, I want to begin June with these new things and regular blogposts, so hope to see you more often.

Love, Jeevan

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Some tricks to give your Room an easy Makeover

All these ideas are budget friendly and easy to do. You will not need any help and they go a long way.

How to make your room aesthetic enough?

I have been redecorating my room at home, ever since this lockdown started. When you can’t go out, it gets tiring being at the same place every day, so every now and then I make some changes to my room.

Small things can brighten up your room. On regular days as well, I always wanted to redesign my room. I never had the opportunity nor the time. Now that there are not any time restraints, I have tried some basic room decor tricks, liked them and will share those with you along with some other which I would love to try.

I am not that craft-oriented, and not sure how good my tricks will be for you.

Here are some cool tricks

I like cozy things and those ‘straight out of TV screen’ like decors are not for me, I will never feel at home with those. So, I like to add lot of old stuff to my room to make it look more trendy and loving.

I have this travel trunk which is very old. It belonged to my grandparents, in fact we have a couple of them. It is very spacious, so you can put a lot of stuff inside it. I colored it and added a funky table cloth (I have a very pretty single bed bedsheet, so I folded it and used it as a table cloth) over it and it will give you an awesome decoration piece for your room. You can use it as a table as well, like a low length table. I use them for storing some of my winter stuff when they are not in use.

Ideas to Decorate Walls

I know painting a room is not that easy. But a friend told me how they have this wall back at home which they keep painting in different colors from time to time and experiment. If you have the confidence and you do not mind ruining a pair of your clothes, then go for it. Choose the most outrageous yet likeable color for your wall, which you think will suit you and your moods always. I like vibrant yellow a lot. Don’t paint all walls in same color. Paint one wall in a vibrant color on which you will do your creative stuff and rest can be painted in an off-color. It will give a nice contrast. And, do not put bed on the side of wall you want to paint. This wall has to be your showstopper.

If not paint, you can always go for a wallpaper. Choose an awsome one and you will get so many choices.

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You can put wallpapers on your furniture also, if you do not like your furniture anymore.

I got some of mom’s old paintings framed and hung them on one of the walls. Next, I plan to get a lot of my family pictures framed and create a photo section on the wall.

You can also use thermocol to make a colored background (use colors, wallpapers and paint it, to make it interesting) and pin pictures on this rather then getting them framed. It looks more homey and more fun. I had one back in my previous hostel room and I loved pinning pictures there along with my post-it notes and other things.

Wall stickers are amazing, you can stick stickers and trust me they do not look bad at all. In fact your space look more creative and arty. Plenty of options are available online.

Lighting can change the whole game. Throw in some string lights. I have put a huge sticker on one of the walls and string lights go along with that. It lightens up the room. I usually sleep with these lights on, they look beautiful.

Photo by Siri on

I plan to buy a quirky table lamp for my side table. I love shade lamps, will add them to my room soon. You can get them at cheap prices, you don’t have to spend a lot.

I like huge mirrors. I did not have to buy an extra mirror as I already have a full lenth mirror on one of the walls. And, trust me I love it. I can not like a room which does not a full length mirror in it. And, they come in so many styles, you can always experiment.

Ideas for the windows

If you have huge windows in your room and a lot of space than you can do a lot with your room. Create some space between your bed and windows, enough where you can comfortably sit and do your reading. You will get your own filmy and neat reading space.

You can decorate your reading nook further by putting a cute rug there and colored cushions and pillows to make it warm and friendly.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

Adding pleasant and soothing curtains to the windows can make your room even more vibrant. Sip your coffee and tea along with your book, gazing out once in a while outside.’

Keep a small plant by the window and add a little green to your room. It will feel fresh.

I like scented candles as well. I light them sometimes in the evening.

If you wish for Simple Decoration Ideas

Throw out extra stuff, you don’t need! There will always be something you don’t need. May be an unwanted side table or bed table. I have seen people have unwanted tables and chairs in their room which they imagine they need but they don’t. Unwanted products, wire extensions and meaningless pillows, throw them out. This will create more space in your room. A neat room looks more spacious.

Clean your room regularly, it will also make it more friendly.

I have plenty of closet space, so my clothes, books and daily use things easily go there. You also do the same. If you don’t have enough closet space, use more suitcases and boxes. Do not keep things in the open, littered around, they create a mess.

You can always add a rug to your room. If you have huge floor space, use funky rugs to decorate your room.

Bedroom Decoration Ideas on Budget

If you are on a budget, you do not have to spend anything.

Do you have any old furniture lying around which nobody uses? If yes, we can modify it in no time. Like I did not have side tables for some time and I used this travel trunk as my side table for a long time. It works as a decor item as well as a side table.

Add tapestries to your walls or use them as table covers. I have some of them made by grandmother. I have hung one of them on one of the walls. They add a unique loving touch to the room.

I like post-it notes a lot. So, I use them a lot, to keep reminders and sometimes, just for quotes, to keep myself inspired. You can also use your study table wall for post-its. It looks very cute.

Everything you do should lift your mood. Decorate your living space now with things you already have. No need to buy additional stuff.

Happy decorating! Share your thoughts on how you would like to decorate your room?

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Carefully #JibberJabber

The eyes sparkling, hands intertwined

They were looking for some peace and relief

From stranger eyes

Touch was natural

Happiness too much

Hands held like they were meant to be forever

Bliss on faces

A deep thirst on lips was standing there Like an angry little bird

The eyes were radiating moon light of the night

They were standing behind a barrel of old boxes

Again holding hands, looking for peace

From the strange old devilish eyes

They were not in love

Only full of thirst for love

Love which was impure

Not to be respected By the eyes of the world

They could have stayed there holding hands

But a scandal would happen

If they held each other for too long

The cold was unnerving

The only relief was in warm breaths which they both were releasing near each other’s ears

They wanted to come closer, then somebody passed

And they stepped back Still holding hands

Walking down the path they just came from

Their hands touched now and then

With deep sighs

They just went about looking for an isolated escape

Away from the eyesAway

Away from the world

Perhaps deep down the woods, where no one will see

No one will watch

No one will judge

And no one will comment.

Yes away from the stranger eyes

They went away Holding hands

Looking for some peace

Very Carefully

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