She was walking down the road till she came near the edge, where road, turned towards right. She looked back. She was hoping for him to give him a sign, like a sign, to stop.

She wanted him to stop her. Stop her from moving ahead. Stop her from moving past him. She craved attention. She was possessive. She wanted him to be possessive as well. Every time, they had an argument, he would ask her to go away. He would push her away. Ask her to leave. He would punch, push and hurt her to make her leave. Eventually, not able to bear, she would move out, still hoping somewhere to make things work out.

She would always wait for positive signs in those moments. It is not easy to break relationships. One push would just push them into a bad thing. She did not want that. She wanted things to work out.

And one fine day, happened, what she feared the most. She was devastated, hopeless and wanted things to go back to normal. But she knew nothing would be same again. She knew that.

She was alone for months. She cried, she yelped for help, nobody came to her rescue.

No grief is permanent. Eventually, she recovered. She realised, it was never worth it. And she moved on.

Alas, she moved on. Moved on from what was never hers and would never be hers.

Good sorrow or bad sorrow. It was for fate to decide. Alas, the dream she dreamt of was never lived.

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