Quarantine: Non-Fiction or Fiction ?

Yesterday night, I spent almost 2 hours downloading books. I love reading and I hate ebooks. This is like a paradox. Ideally, being a reader I should be open to reading all kinds of books but I am not. Anyways, I have hardly any good books to read at the moment and I have been meaning to read some of the classics for a long time and since I have the time now, I thought I will put it to some use and dowload pdfs.

I have downloaded, I guess around 20 books from my favorite place ‘Lib-gen’. The list includes Rushdie’s Satanic Verses (Banned in India and in some other Islamic countries), Seth’s A Suitable Boy, Arundhati Roy’s The ministry of Utmost Happiness (Big Fan after the God of Small Things, however the reviews are not very great for this one), Murakami’s Norwegian Wood and some on Politics and world History. The list alos has some short stories on Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling, I never knew whe wrote short stories also otherwise I would have downloaded them long back. I want to go for Fiction first as I have to build up my lost momentum for reading and then I have like a folder of non fiction to read.

Some days back I did this psychological test for fun at the Psychology lab in my Deparment which basically helps you work on your attention span and concentration if continued for 20 days. I have only done it once and trust me, the results are not very nice. My attention span has become really bad and this I realised when I am trying to read. Every 5 minutes I lose attention. This is happening because of these terrible phones and internet. I wish I could just put them in a hell hole and not miss them at all. So, this test worried me a lot and now I am like I need to go back to my diligent reading style (if readinf styles are diligent). Since, I enjoy proof-reading as well, I am trying to read a book on it as well (But i only proof-read other’s stuff, I am too lazy to go through things I have written and therefore you will always find errors in my writing in galore). Other then that, days are pretty much okay. I am not much happy with the food because I have an upset stomach and I feel like I am eating the same things every day. I wonder what happened to my ‘ghar ka khana is the best’ side. Hoping to read and love more (myself). I will give reviews in case I finished reading anything and liked it as well. I still have to write about those movies I mentioned in one of my earlier posts (will do it before I lose the whole essence of watching an epic thing). So much to do.


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