Moods and smile

Was it the wind? or was it the serenity all around?

was it the silence? or was it the clear sky?

Walking all alone, on the terrace of my parent’s old house, after ages, a smile erupted on my face. This smile I missed.

It was going up to my eyes and I know that because even my heart was overflowing with joy.

(Just felt like writing something even when I did not have much to say. The day was an uneventful one but a happy one.)

28 thoughts on “Moods and smile

      1. that’s cute. but sometimes expectations can rather hurt. so, just be careful. because i do think you’re rather sensitive. you just don’t really show it.


      2. i don’t really spend that much time on writing. was just learning this song like on the keyboard.


      3. Wow, you play music as well. That’s amazing. Share some of your music sometime (if you don’t mind). And that reminds me, i did read in your blog that you play. Silly!


      4. i don’t really share that side to me. but maybe someday, i’ll. and i see. also, i’ve something for you.


      5. I read it. When you said, I have something for you, I kind of knew it was something like a letter. But this was very sweet, touched my heart, especially the gesture. Thank you so much. You are a gem of a person and very talented. Thanks again for your words and time. ❀

        And, thank you for the surprise, the recording of letters being typed made it more beautiful.


      6. well, i felt it in your words, that you really wanted one. this is the least i can do really. and well, i’m not really good with compliments but thankyou. πŸ™‚

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      7. well, okay i guess. try to sleep, okay? and don’t think too much about it. if it’s meant to be, all shall fall in it’s own place.

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