Moods and smile

Was it the wind? or was it the serenity all around? was it the silence? or was it the clear sky? Walking all alone, on the terrace of my parent's old house, after ages, a smile erupted on my face. This smile I missed. It was going up to my eyes and I know that … Continue reading Moods and smile

Quarantine: Non-Fiction or Fiction ?

Some days back I did this psychological test for fun at the Psychology lab in my Deparment which basically helps you work on your attention span and concentration if continued for 20 days. I have only done it once and trust me, the results are not very nice.

How to handle your old parents in this crisis?

I think i will have to lock them inside if they do not stop. I might even have to get some cages. Right now I am just trying to get them hooked to Amazon prime and Netflix. But trust me they are so boring, they can hardly watch a single movie in one go.